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What Carven Love is all about

Empowering the youth. Teaching them to respect themselves, others and the environment. Showing them the importance of being kind including the way they treat others and think about themselves. Talking about life and the reality that good and bad things are going to come their way and how to cope or celebrate them. Stretching and conditioning their bodies to be strong. Opening their minds to see the world in light. Embracing nature and all the beauty that is around. Giving them a trusted adult to turn to along with encouraging them to stay connected to their parents/trusted adults as they grow. Instilling independence and most importantly acknowledging the power they hold within themselves to conquer life.

However, no matter what age, the best part is while I teach them all these things, we have so much fun that they don’t even realize how much they are learning. We smile and dance, we laugh and chat, we stretch, strengthen and challenge our bodies, we journal or color, we do crafts, we bond, we teach each other, we learn how to interact and respect differences, we learn not to take life too seriously but rather just be good humans.

I strongly believe in investing in our youth mentally, physically, spiritually, and emotionally. People always say children are resistant which is true, however, why not start giving them more tools, outlets, self care, self respect and self worth at a younger age. Trauma, grief, and negativity gets embedded in the cells of your body until you release them. I hope to teach the youth techniques how to do this while they are young so they can carry on these healthy habits as they grow and continue them into adulthood.

My goal is to carve love in this world, one child at a time. I pray you also see the importance of investing in our youth. Please join me for a class, a series, or reach out about being involved with a program, a collab or a one on one session. You can also pledge a donation to support my cause and mission if you feel it in your heart. I cannot express my appreciation enough for the continued support. Much love to all.

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